Sightseeing- Film Locations

One of the best ways to fill in little gaps of time throughout the week was driving around to different filming locations. This visit we stuck mostly to One Tree Hill sites, and there were plenty to keep us busy!


First off the home of Lucas and Karen Scott: the worst character on the show and his poor mother who might have actually deserved him.

Photo Sep 09, 12 54 28 PM

Photo Sep 09, 12 49 15 PM

Scott’s Auto Body:

Photo Sep 12, 6 36 45 PM

The Black Cat Shoppe was the record store on the show.

Photo Sep 14, 11 06 08 AM

Tric the night club:

Photo Sep 12, 6 24 35 PM

Peyton Sawyer’s house:

Photo Sep 12, 5 55 43 PM

Haley James’ house:

Photo Sep 12, 5 55 27 PM

And Brooke Davis’ house:

Photo Sep 12, 6 10 33 PM

Edge of Urge was used a few times as the lingerie store and other things.

Photo Sep 14, 11 05 26 AM

The Naley bench! We think.

Photo Sep 14, 12 20 36 PM

Most of these places we didn’t even remember from the show and haven’t seen yet on our rewatch, but it was still ridiculously fun to scavenger hunt them all down! And One Tree Hill is always gonna be a little more special than it should be because of this town.

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