Downtown Wilmington, NC

Photo Sep 12, 11 48 37 AM

Wilmington has it all! Something to do and see around every corner, but the charm and comfort of a small town disguised as a city. It was a perfect fit for us.

Photo Sep 14, 10 54 30 AM

Wilmington is full of local markets and small businesses. We got to shop for the unique and handmade, and also meet so many locals who were always friendly and ready to chat.

Photo Sep 14, 12 30 27 PM

The past is always right over your shoulder, though.

Photo Sep 11, 8 56 33 PM

Photo Sep 11, 2 44 40 PM

Peach cinnamon cupcake from the Pink Baking Co.! So good.

Photo Sep 12, 12 34 12 PM

This vintage store would be a weekly stop if I were a local! I fell in love with half the pieces in there.

Photo Sep 12, 11 52 13 AM

Photo Sep 14, 11 05 09 AM

Coffee and spices, again would definitely shop there regularly!

Photo Sep 14, 11 06 08 AM

The Black Cat Shoppe had some fun and oddities.

Photo Sep 14, 11 05 26 AM

Edge of Urge was a little of everything.

Photo Sep 12, 1 04 07 PM

Photo Sep 14, 11 46 05 AM

Love walking downtown. Perfect way to spend our last morning before hitting the road home.

Photo Sep 14, 11 46 17 AM

Photo Sep 14, 12 20 47 PM


Wilmington was a special place, one I am already yearning to return to!

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