Blue Ridge Parkway

The journey through North Carolina and into Virginia took us on what has been deemed “America’s Favorite Drive”: the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Let me tell you, whoever named it that clearly has never been carsick a day in their life. I legitimately thought I might never make it off the mountain and would have to stake a claim and grow some roots.

However, it was absolutely beautiful.

Photo Sep 14, 5 29 39 PM

A none-too-bright deer above

and a mildly disturbing surprise below…

Photo Sep 14, 6 29 48 PM

As we drove I thought I glimpsed a familiar trail marker and demanded excitedly that we turn around and see! Sure enough, we were right on the Appalachian Trail.

Photo Sep 14, 6 34 30 PM

Photo Sep 14, 6 32 27 PM

No time for a hike, but we got our boots on the trail and felt that dream stirring up again.

Photo Sep 14, 6 30 59 PM

Photo Sep 14, 6 23 05 PM

I was desperate to get out of the car as soon as we were back in it, and after way too many miles this was a perfect opportunity.

Photo Sep 14, 6 19 44 PM


Photo Sep 14, 6 12 35 PM

We drove on and on. It felt like the winding roads were going to continue forever, and although our gps continued to guide us, we had no service and no other resources for direction or information. Therefore eventually we had no idea where we were or if we were ever actually going anywhere. It was super.

On we went.




Will we ever get out of the mountains?



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