World’s Largest Frying Pan

This is what road trips are all about!

Not long after hitting the road we ended up in Rose Hill, NC, with signs boasting the World’s Largest Frying Pan. Obviously we had to check that out!

Photo Sep 14, 1 32 44 PM

Surprisingly, there are a few towns in the US making this claim, and it’s a bit of a controversy. But this pan, built in 1963, 15 feet wide, weighing 2 tons, and holding up to 200 gallons of oil, is actually functioning and still in use every year at the North Carolina Poultry Jubilee! That’s a leg up on the competition I think.

Photo Sep 14, 1 32 09 PM



5 thoughts on “World’s Largest Frying Pan

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  1. Wow. I love words World’s largest, biggest, smallest, tallest etc. In Finland we have for example world’s biggest wooden church, oldest dicing suit, biggest snow castle and much more.

    Happy weekend!

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  2. Thank you commenting my comment. Here is my collection of photos of it:

    Best Snow Castle photos

    Oh, my country offers oddities which are not found elsewhere! I give few key words: Votive ships inside our colorful wooden churches. Unique Poor-man statues. I field full of 1000 scarecrows, historical steam ships cruising in mid-summer, when sun never stets on some of our lakes.

    So, these are some oddities. More you will find when checking my About-page.

    Happy and safe travels!


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