Virginia Safari Park

Hands down the best way to end any good time is with a day of laughter! And there’s no avoiding it at the Safari Park. We’ve closed out our last couple vacations here and it’s never let us down.

The Virginia Safari Park is a 180-acre drive thru experience where you get the chance to see and feed and be mugged by all sorts of wildlife! My favorites are the bison, emus, and zebras, but also included are elk, llamas, ostriches, all manner of deer, and various others. It is a one of a kind time for sure.

Photo Sep 15, 10 20 39 AM

Seriously. Look at that face.

Photo Sep 15, 10 02 46 AM

The Llama Mafia here to collect their dues.

Photo Sep 15, 10 25 01 AM


Photo Sep 15, 10 01 50 AM

Coming in!

Llamas take what they want.

Photo Sep 15, 10 01 53 AM

It gets a little intense. Don’t come here if you’re worried about a mess! You will surely leave with not only food pellets all over the inside of your vehicle, as well as in the windows and windshield, but also all kinds of scrapes and scuffs and saliva from the locals!

Photo Sep 15, 11 19 58 AM


Photo Sep 15, 10 15 18 AM

Ostrich selfie.

Photo Sep 15, 10 04 47 AM

The giraffes are part of the adjoining fenced-in area, and there is a feeding station for them as well. We were thrilled to get to see a new baby on our visit!

Photo Sep 15, 10 17 28 AM


Photo Sep 15, 10 27 32 AM

The zebras were a highlight as last time they weren’t out in the open with the rest of the animals. It was so cool to see and touch them up close.

Photo Sep 15, 10 27 05 AM


Photo Sep 15, 10 41 00 AM

The bison are just so awesome. And a little scary. Just try and tell one no.

Photo Sep 15, 10 48 50 AM

This little guy is hands-down Sierra’s favorite through the years.

Photo Sep 15, 10 35 40 AM


Photo Sep 15, 11 02 57 AM

Emu selfie!

Photo Sep 15, 10 51 46 AM


Photo Sep 15, 10 31 51 AM


Photo Sep 15, 11 25 42 AM

Baby πŸ™‚

Photo Sep 15, 11 26 30 AM



The Village Walk-Thru is included in admission, and offers up a whole other experience. In the budgie house you get to be swarmed by these beautiful little things looking for a treat!


Photo Sep 15, 11 58 44 AM

Also in the walk-thru is giraffe feeding, a kangaroo walk-about, penguins, tigers, all sorts of monkeys, farm animals, and birds. We don’t spend as much time over there as in the drive-thru, but it’s a fun addition.



And there’s the end of it. Vacation 2019. We started out so thankful just to have this time, whatever came of it, and from there we found ourselves just falling in love with every moment!

What a life.



14 thoughts on “Virginia Safari Park

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  1. My hands are sweating…I’d freak out if they stuck their heads in my car. The more I looked at the pictures the more comfortable I got though. That looks like a very fun spot to visit. Thanks for sharing your adventure. And that baby…aw…so adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness! I absolutely adore these photos! Had no idea this place was in Natural Bridge and am kind of mad that I didn’t! πŸ˜€ This place looks amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. You’ve made my morning! I can see why you had such an incredible time.

    Liked by 1 person

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