Rhinebeck and Woodstock, NY


Had ourselves a little weekend away!




Originally we had planned for an early start, road trip to New York, and a Saturday of hiking before spending the night and doing some shopping on Sunday. Last minute weather issues threatened too many outdoor plans, but we decided to head out anyway, knowing we’d have a great weekend whatever happened. We took our time in the morning and arrived in the early afternoon, enjoying the drive as one of our favorite parts of any outing.

Rhinebeck, NY, is one charming little town, only a few hours away. We keep saying we need to come back and enjoy it when it’s warm out, but it makes for a nice winter destination so we haven’t yet.


The town boasts coffee shops, clothing and jewelry stores, art supplies, and cute stops in that genre, but we went wandering to check out a lighthouse and see what other random things we could find first.


The Roundout Lighthouse. Only got to see it from a distance but the tour is on the to-do list for next time.


Always love some railroad tracks.


Seeing all the sights.


After an awkward first try at dinner- (the vibe was too quiet and weird and I panicked and we left), we ventured to our second choice and stumbled upon the town of Woodstock. What a cool surprise!


Dinner at the Garden Cafe was incredible. An all vegan restaurant, it was so exciting to finally get to order anything on the menu (including dessert)!


The full moon was GORGEOUS.


Back to the hotel for some coffee, donuts, Jeopardy, and a Jonestown documentary. Love a hotel night!!!


We spent the next morning exploring Woodstock- such a fun town!


It was so cold, but thankfully there were so many shops and stops that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time outdoors. We pretty much ducked into anything we found.

Woodstock is a tourist trap, no doubt. Everything is overpriced and marketed as something one of a kind. We couldn’t help but think of the disconnect from that festival on the lawn in ’69… it was kinda sad, but typical.

If you can keep from some impulse buying, however, there are some gems to be found. Or if you have a lot of cash to spend- have at it!

An ironic marker:


The best part was all the art!


                               “A Day in the Life of a Teapot”



“My World is on Fire”



I took these two home. Just love looking at them!



The Woodstock Artists Association and Museum had a free gallery with all kinds of paintings, it was definitely my top stop. I didn’t get any photos of my favorites, but Sierra snapped this one of the aptly named “Red Painting”.



More sights about town…






Always try to bring home something edible! All three of these were so delicious. That nut butter!



The trip was a relaxing combination of a lazy weekend and a fun getaway, a perfect respite from February.

We’ll see how long it holds us over.



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