Ricketts Glen- Old Bulldozer Rd Trail

Ventured onto to Old Bulldozer Rd Trail at Ricketts Glen a couple weeks ago, looking to get a real good hike in. We’d hiked the trail a couple years ago, and remembered it to be quite a challenge at the start, but a good trail to get a lot of miles on.

We apparently blocked the real details from our minds, because I had no memory of the absolute hell the first mile was!

Pictures don’t do this climb justice.

Photo Feb 22, 11 33 01 AM

I thought I might die.

Photo Feb 22, 11 55 15 AM

Once we reached the top, a little side journey took us to the Valley View:




Photo Feb 22, 12 20 54 PM

Once safe and sound, we headed back to the main trail. Sierra found herself feeling extra light, and we had to double back for the pack she’d left, probably in her escape.

Photo Feb 22, 12 25 55 PM

Back on the trail, which leveled off but also turned to snow and ice, dropping a few degrees for good measure.

Photo Feb 22, 1 28 01 PM

Suddenly we were winter hiking.

Photo Feb 22, 1 36 14 PM

Photo Feb 22, 2 17 06 PM

Remains of an old dam.

Photo Feb 22, 2 18 55 PM

We continued on a ways towards a pond that eluded us, eventually approached the main office and realizing with utter relief that there was another way onto this trail and we never had to make that climb again! We wanted to reach the office and pond but eventually decided we needed to turn around while we still had daylight and energy for the trip back.

Photo Feb 22, 3 18 00 PM

Photo Feb 22, 3 18 43 PM

Photo Feb 22, 3 47 05 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 01 00 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 24 00 PM

Making our way down the mountain, inch by inch, we were passed by a freak actually running up it!

Photo Feb 22, 4 49 42 PM

Photo Feb 22, 4 57 10 PM

Photo Feb 22, 5 16 21 PM

Photo Feb 22, 5 16 33 PM

10.5 miles later, we vowed never to return to this trailhead. But knowing us…






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  1. I loved reading this and looking at the pictures. I’m suffering from not having any really long views here in my city suburb in the middle of England, so they were wonderful to see!

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