Roberson Mansion and Museum

Glad we took advantage of our time before we realized how much we were going to lose. With everything shut down and life feeling at a stand still, I’m grateful for every little adventure and exploration!

Photo Mar 07, 1 09 28 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 45 12 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 36 02 PM

Took a drive a few weeks ago to Binghamton, NY, about an hour from us, and spent a few hours in the Roberson Museum (Twitter link because I love their account, but here is their website, too).

Photo Mar 07, 12 13 36 PM

We weren’t really sure what to expect, but were already charmed by the first exhibit we explored: a model train layout, complete with a replica of one of Binghamton’s actual streets in 1960.

Photo Mar 07, 12 12 19 PM

Always enjoy these displays- we used to set one up with our dad when we were kids and loved making up little stories for the characters and houses!

Photo Mar 07, 12 10 02 PM

The next room was the Nature Trek, which displays various habitats and wildlife, with over 150 taxidermy animals, to educate visitors on how to preserve and protect both.

Photo Mar 07, 12 28 02 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 28 55 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 28 13 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 29 48 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 33 33 PM

There were so many more exhibits than we expected- I was really impressed by the range of displays! Here’s a brief glance at some more of them:

Love this piece!

Photo Mar 07, 12 49 04 PM

Propaganda: Selling a War, explores music and imagery designed to inspire Americans to support the first world war. Strange to imagine a country that wasn’t so anxious to fight.

Photo Mar 07, 1 02 55 PM

Era of Change: 1910-1930. This felt more like deja vu. We got the votes for women, but now we need the voting for women.

Photo Mar 07, 1 09 28 PM

Artist Joseph Opshinsky has a gallery upstairs, with both paintings and paper collages inspired by local scenes from New York and Pennsylvania.

Photo Mar 07, 1 06 37 PM

Haudenosaunee: People of the Longhouse. A small exhibit, but this painting of the origin of life on earth was one of my favorite works in the museum!

Photo Mar 07, 12 45 03 PM

Allegory, Symbol, and Vision:

I don’t know what this is supposed to be, but it is fantastic.

Photo Mar 07, 12 51 58 PM

Photo Mar 07, 12 58 24 PM

Following a sign down the hall that simply stated “Mansion”, we found ourselves stepping right into the foyer of the Roberson Mansion!

Photo Mar 10, 8 37 57 AM

Photo Mar 07, 1 16 13 PM

Considered the largest museum exhibit, this tour was included right with the admission, and was such a cool surprise!

Photo Mar 10, 8 37 57 AM (3)

Photo Mar 10, 8 37 57 AM (5)

Photo Mar 10, 8 37 57 AM (2)

Photo Mar 10, 8 37 57 AM (1)

Photo Mar 07, 1 23 12 PM (1)

Unbelievable to think of waking up every morning in a place like this, what day to day life must have been like for these people. I wish more of the rooms had been set up, it was pretty bare, but a really cool glimpse into the past anyway.

Photo Mar 07, 1 30 27 PM

Photo Mar 07, 1 35 26 PM

The museum was also an art gallery of its own, and these two of four demonstrating the stages of life were just gorgeous.


Photo Mar 07, 1 29 32 PM

Old Age:

Photo Mar 07, 1 29 13 PM
Highly recommend!






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  1. Good post. Glad you got the visit in before lock down. We managed to get home from Vancouver yesterday, by renting a car and driving 1,200 km (750 miles) in two days. No airports for us just yet. Stay well. Allan

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  2. It’s hard to be locked down but absolutely necessary. You could do people a service by reposting some of your past travels so we can all live vicariously through you!


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