The Weekend: Changes and Constants





Every other weekend for the past few years has been our time- four days a month we have off work together, and every one a vacation to us!

We have cherished the little experiences as well as the extreme. We can make pretty much any occasion into an event, sometimes dinner and a movie close to home, often road trips to a fair, museum, or just to see what we can find. Whatever we ended up doing, we always strove to really live the hell out of those few days a month. Every other weekend was anticipated with almost the excitement of Christmas.

We’re not letting that change.

Every other weekend is still time off work, and time together, and that’s what really counts. And we still text all week “can’t wait for the weekend!”

But some things have changed. Of course they have. Not only has all the entertainment and dining shut down- no dinner, museums, movies, fairs, or any public function- but, parks and trails and outdoor activities are limited by both closure and crowds, injuries, and this ridiculous weather. It hasn’t been easy to fill the time and make the most of the days anymore.

Weekends turned into a bit of a patchwork of experiences, and this one was a prime example. Here’s how things went down:


Morning began in the best way. Homemade pancakes, coffee, and couch-lounging watching wrestling!

Then the sun broke through the clouds for the first time in weeks, and we headed out! After saying our good mornings:



Our little run-down Meshoppen is never bustling, but even here are reminders of the changes of today.

And then there is graffiti that is older than most, if not all of the residents:



I don’t know the last time I saw gas prices like this. Remembering the $4/gallon days!


Saw this pretty cat who was practicing social distancing, but content to be admired from a distance. We obliged.


Trip up the mountain to check out some giants!



Looking down to where we came from. Ready for that view to green up, but one thing at a time. We got sunlight, after all.


Keeping those smiles if it’s the last thing we do.


Accidental photo I took- look at that blue sky!


Church signs are having a field day with this pandemic. It’s really their time to shine.




Sierra knows all the back roads and finds of the area, and took us on a side trip to Carney Cemetery, where we took a walk among the tombstones. Some of the graves were from over 300 years ago, others less than a decade old.




Made our way back to the car when Sierra realized her keys were no longer in her pocket. Which in no way sounded like the beginning of a B-level horror movie in which we would never escape this cemetery.


We did some scrounging, and thankfully they turned up!


Route 6. I honestly don’t know if this is for the upcoming Memorial Day, or a nod to the protests going on lately.


Love this tree on Bartron Road.


Took a walk around the streets of Tunkhannock. It’s quiet. Full of small businesses with closed doors.







Dickson City.

This place breaks my past teenage self’s heart.

That mall is already one of the last of its kind, a remnant of a bygone era when it was the coolest place to be. We would spend hours there. So many memories. Love just walking around, feeling the vibes of old times, and especially the festivities of Christmas shopping. I hope we get it back.



Some pretty in town.



I can hope “essential” workers get a little more respect when this is all over, but I also really doubt it. Already the talk and overall mood have shifted so much.



It’s Saturday, but schools look like this 24/7 now.


Another pretty church. I love them from the outside only!



Time to go home to our Zoom Costume Party with the Tunkhannock Karate Club!


Where’s Waldo and Magnum PI made a comeback.




With the sun shining again, we were off! We are both dealing with injuries right now that limit our mileage, but we could still get out there and enjoy the day. So we took one of our favorites drives, an hour to Dushore by World’s End State Park.


In the car nothing has changed. Except the car itself- Sierra bought herself a new one just a couple months ago! Otherwise it’s the same us, the same music, and the same drive. Which is a nice constant right now.


We took a back road and hiked on the Loyalsock Trail for a few miles, outside the actual park and still open to use. Thankfully we only saw a few people- since everything shut down the parks and trails have been swarming even more with hikers, fishermen, and the like.


The day was absolutely gorgeous- and it felt incredible to actually work up a sweat again! We spent more time taking breaks than anything else, I think, but that wasn’t the point. We were outside, together, and warm!


I’m not even sure what our mileage turned out to be, but it was a much needed few hours in nature.


The weather would take a nasty turn the next day, rain and snow and cold once more, just like it’s been all year and especially all Spring. But we had a good weekend, and you can bet we can’t wait for the next one, whatever it brings.


Hang in there, everyone.





5 thoughts on “The Weekend: Changes and Constants

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  1. It is amazing how even the little things are now appreciated. Like you, we hope it will last, but doubt it. Greed and selfishness tends to get i the way to often. We are still staying close to home here. Too many Covidiots out and about in the big city. We long for the chance to hit the open road and see the sights, but not yet. Stay well and stay safe. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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    1. We have always seen the little things as important, but we are desperate for more right now too!! People are showing their true colors yet again, so hard to deal with that as well as the situation. Hang in there!

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  2. I loved seeing this timeline in photos. So many things have changed but I also wonder if some really will. If this hasn’t taught us that people who work in food and health services are the backbone then nothing ever will.


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