Bucket List

Things to Do and Places to Go

This list has been running since I was around 10 years old, before I even knew what a “bucket list” was. I add to it faster than I could ever check things off, but I’m working on it!

1 Visit all 50 States:
2- Pennsylvania 3- New York 4- New Jersey 5- Maryland 6- Maine 7- Vermont 8- Connecticut 9- Rhode Island 10- Massachusetts 11- Virginia 12- Louisiana 13- Georgia 14- Colorado 15- California 16- Alabama 17- Florida 18- Nebraska 19- Minnesota 20- Kansas 21- Wisconsin 22- New Hampshire 23- South Carolina 24- Kentucky 25- Oklahoma 26- Montana 27- Oregon 28- Washington 29- Mississippi 30- Hawaii 31- Wyoming 32- South Dakota 33- Utah 34- Iowa 35- Michigan 36- Texas 37- Delaware 38- Illinois 39- North Dakota 40- Alaska 41- Nevada 42- Arkansas 43- Arizona 44- Idaho 45- West Virginia 46- North Carolina 47- Tennessee 48- Ohio 49- Indiana 50- Missouri 51- New Mexico

Learn to play an instrument
Read 1,000 books
Get my ears pierced
Learn to dance
Write a book
Learn to swim
Have my own room
Cook a meal from scratch
Learn another language
Have a dog
Go to a tea party
Make a quilt
Go to a concert
Go to school
Have a birthday party
Go on vacation
Own horses
Visit another country
Go to an NFL game
Dance on pointe
Go camping
Learn to tap dance
Go to New York City
Ride a roller coaster
Go to a school dance
Go to New Orleans
See the Northern Lights
Fly in a plane
Visit a castle
Have a picnic
See a ballet
Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
Make an afghan
Create a recipe book
Plant a tree
Order room service
Go on a hayride
Find a 4-leaf clover
Have a garden
Dance a solo
Meet a celebrity
Win something at a Fair
Go to Gettysburg
Make s’mores in a campfire
Go to a beach
Act in a play
Watch the sun rise
Have a spa day
See the Colosseum in Rome
Ride a motorcycle
See the Grand Canyon
Get something published
Ride in a helicopter
See a desert
Road trip the US
Study martial arts
Learn archery
See an eclipse
Travel by train
Go to the Rocky Mountains
Get a tattoo
Walk behind a waterfall
Go to a drive-in movie
Go to a pow-wow
See Niagara Falls
Visit Colonial Williamsburg
Donate blood
Fly a kite
Tye dye something
Go to Disney World
See a meteor shower
Get my palm read
Ride in a limo
Experience zero gravity
Go to a Renaissance Fair
Ride in a hot air balloon
Get my passport
Ride a mechanical bull
Take a photo every day for a year
See a volcano
See an LSU game in person
Go ziplining
Travel first class
Go to Washington DC
Learn CPR
Own a professional camera
Watch every Star Trek episode/movie ever
Ride a tandem bicycle
See the White House
Be a tourist locally
Get my driver’s license
Speak in public
Go backpacking
Visit Roswell, New Mexico
Go skydiving
See the Pacific Ocean
Have a bonfire
Ride in a racecar
See the California Redwoods
Vote in a presidential election
Learn to drive stick
Cut my hair really short
Get hypnotized
Own a classic car
Take a pole-dancing class
See the pyramids
See the wild ponies at Assateague
See Michelangelo’s David
Have a home library
See Mt. Everest
Cook through a cookbook
Go to college
Do a ropes course
Go skinny dipping
Own a Jeep
Drive a Ferrari
Win a tournament
Climb the Rocky steps
Go to Yellowstone
Spend the night somewhere haunted
Break a board
Organize and book all photos
Have a pin-up photo shoot
Go to Salem
Learn yoga
Learn to meditate
Get my motorcycle license
Move out
Drive historic Rt. 66
Get my GED
Go to Ireland
Go sailing
See A Starry Night in person
Go hang-gliding
Earn my black belt
Sing karaoke
Run a 5k
Participate in a protest
Explore caverns
Create a painting
Find sea glass
Hike the 100 mile wilderness
Visit the Van Gogh Museum
Go to the catacombs
Spend New Years camping
Go to Boston
Visit every National Park
Do 90 Days of P90X
Go on a trip with Mom
Participate in GISHWHES
Create a blog
Become a runner
Go rock-climbing
Go scuba diving
See a glacier
Road trip without a destination
See a glass beach
See the New River Gorge Bridge
Go to Paris
See the Vietnam Wall in DC
Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
Go to Las Vegas
Go off-roading
Hike the Appalachian Trail
Attend a Supernatural Convention
Train in jiu jitsu
Go vegan
See a game at Fenway
Visit all PA State Parks
Go snorkeling
Go to a Nascar race
Take a photography course
Go to an observatory
Try snowboarding
Indoor skydive
Go to a nude beach
Get acupuncture
Go to an outdoor concert
Get a spontaneous tattoo
Attend Pride
Go on a solo trip
See Guernica in person
Go to Yosemite
Experience reiki
Go to Auschwitz
Climb a mountain
Complete Insanity
Get my 2nd Dan
Do a Tough Mudder
Find a job I love
Go to the site of Woodstock
Experience magic
Attend a ball
Try a sensory deprivation tank
Deadlift 200lb
Pass NCLEX and get my nursing license
Run a mile every day for a year
Stargaze in the desert
Go to a pro wrestling match
See a moonbow
Buy a house
Arches National Park
Train in MMA
Go to Morphicon
See a fire rainbow
Fight competitively
Climb Half Dome
Buy an RV
Build a campfire
Be debt free
Dance again
Run a half marathon
Move out of state
Make homemade root beer
Do one thing a year that scares me

Animals to See in the Wild

Polar bear
Komodo dragon

New York City

Empire State Building
See a Broadway Show
Statue of Liberty
Ride the subway
Hail a taxi
Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Central Park
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Ice skate
Time’s Square
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Coney Island
Night on top of the Empire State Building
Spend New Years at Times Square
Washington Square
Museum of Natural History
Have a drink at Stonewall
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Have cheesecake at Juniors
Christmas in NYC


Collect seashells
Build a sandcastle
Camp on the beach
Walk a boardwalk
See a lighthouse
Watch the sun rise
Swim in the ocean
Rent a beach house
Climb to the top of a lighthouse
Play arcade games
Find sea glass
Build a sand man


Garth Brooks
Alanis Morissette
Adam Lambert
Brandi Carlile


See an alligator
Go to a bayou
Baton Rouge
Go on a swamp tour
Ride a riverboat
Mardis Gras
Have a drink on Bourbon Street
Listen to jazz in the French Quarter
Jackson Square
Café du Monde
Take a guided tour
Visit LSU
Game at Death Valley

People to Meet

Leonard Nimoy
William Shatner
Any Power Ranger
Norman Reedus
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jared Padalecki
Misha Collins
Kim Rhodes
Briana Buckmaster
Mark Sheppard
Jim Beaver


Dress up for Halloween
Carve pumpkins
Go through a haunted house
Go through a corn maze

Make Thanksgiving dinner

Go caroling
See the Nutcracker
Christmas in NYC
Rockefeller tree
Go on a sleigh ride
Meet a reindeer
Make a gingerbread house
Get picture taken with Santa
Build a snowman

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