Kinzua Bridge- (throwback)

Thoughts and feelings, and especially words, about the present are still struggling to come out making sense and feeling honest, so I thought I’d take another trip into the past and revisit one of my favorite days from 2017…

This was the year I graduated nursing school and started working two jobs as a nurse. The world felt like it opened up for me in so many ways, and we finally had the time, money, and opportunity for some new experiences again. Every other weekend was our time to explore and enjoy!

One of our favorite drives was and still is Route 6 West from Meshoppen, this trip had us driving it for over 3 hours, top down in the Jeep, blasting music and feeling free.

Our destination was Kinzua Bridge State Park, where once stood the tallest and longest railroad structure, at 300 feet high and over 2000 feet long: the Kinzua Viaduct.


The bridge was partially destroyed in 2003 by a tornado, but in 2011 was remodeled as a walkway, taking visitors 600 feet out to experience 360 degree views of the gorge, complete with a clear glass platform at the end. The twisted metal remains of the bridge still lay at the bottom of the gorge, a testament to man vs. nature.



It was a perfect, warm, sunny day….





We took a hike down to the bottom to get an up-close look at the wreckage, it was a twisting dirt path alternating with stone steps, down to the Kinzua Creek. It felt long, much longer than it was, and the way back was a little intense!

That’s why our souvenir sticker boasts: I survived the Height and the Hike! 











French fries are the lifesavers of all our vegan adventures!!!


The drive home was just as much a part of the day as the destination, and even better than the way out. We stopped by a couple trading posts, found a little petting and feeding zoo with a bunch of deer, and savored “God’s Country” for what it was.


08-14-17 (3)



The Marie Antoinette Lookout was the perfect, quiet way to end the day.




Bonus video of just what 3 hours in the car with us can be like, and a special emphasis on the lyrics of the song we’re destroying:

take my hand, and we’ll make it I swear… 


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